Thursday, 14 June 2012

The best moment of my life has become more than a moment...

When we met for the first time, one of Maretha's bridesmaids asked the question, "What if it rains the whole day?" To which she, with a big smile on her face, said something like, "Oh, that would be great, we could all huddle together under the trees!" That was a fairly uncommon answer for someone having their entire wedding outdoors, yet it says a whole lot about the kind of couple that Lucas and Maretha are. They're a couple which has realized their fairy-tale in relationship with each other, and as long as both of them are there, nothing could ruin it (of course it didn't rain and the venue and every moment of the day was breathtakingly beautiful). Lucas and Maretha, I pray that God blesses you in your marriage, and thanks for the mug, I use it every day!

Music: "You're Beautiful" by Phil Wickham.

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